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Clinic Owner/Movement Coach

Emily Gooding is a Movement Coach and a former Registered Nurse. She helps individuals with chronic pain, injuries, and movement dysfunction reclaim their quality of life through movement coaching, Thai massage, and environmental design. Emily's ongoing journey navigating her own chronic pain has led her to explore many modalities such as martial arts, cold therapy, and ground-living. She believes in fostering a culture of curiosity and learning. Her objective is to make movement enjoyable to help empower her clients to unlock their full potential.


Clinic Owner/Registered Massage Therapist

Vince Castellani is a dedicated Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) practicing since September 2017. Throughout his journey, Vince has passionately served a diverse range of clients. His expertise lies in providing effective, long-term solutions for those experiencing pain and seeking comprehensive pain management strategies. Vince's extensive portfolio includes addressing chronic pain syndromes, catering to athletes of all levels, aiding clients with limited range of motion due to scars, and supporting post-operative recovery. Among his various specialties, Vince finds satisfaction in working with shoulder and neck related issues. With a lifelong inclination for aiding others, Vince's compassionate nature has driven him to consistently seek out opportunities to make a lasting, long-term impact on his clients. 

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Registered Massage Therapist

Monika Plourde is a Registered Massage Therapist practicing in Ottawa, Ontario since 2017. Monika works with clients to help restore and improve their quality of life through the treatment of injury, management of chronic pain and disease, and caring for mental welfare. Monika takes a collaborative approach to her care and works closely with her clients to develop personalized treatment plans. She values the long-term well-being of her clients by providing them with education that focuses on developing a deeper understanding of body awareness and creating realistic lifestyle change.

Bronwyn Grant

Registered Massage Therapist

Bronwyn Grant is a skilled massage therapist who graduated from Algonquin in 2011. She has extensive experience working in both clinical and spa settings, and has developed a therapeutic touch that balances relaxation with effective treatment. Bronwyn's clients come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from motor vehicle injuries to professional athletes. She is also experienced in providing a range of massage therapy services such as pregnancy massage, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, and general relaxation.

Bronwyn has a client-centered approach and is dedicated to tailoring each treatment to meet the individual needs and comfort level of her clients. She is open to feedback and strives to ensure that every session is personalized and effective. 

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