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What is Movement Coaching?

To move is to be human.


As humans, we're designed to frequently move in diverse ways. Many individuals I work with experience limitations in their movement because of pain, discomfort, or apprehension.

A movement coach provides a safe environment and guidance for clients to explore movement in nourishing ways. This can be anything from improving performance in sport, to learning how to optimize your workplace set-up to reduce strain and encourage movement. 

A movement session can consist of any combination of mobility, balance, massage, breathing, strength, agility, coordination, condition, etc. We strive to adjust the intensity of the session to meet your current physical and emotional state.

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Emily helps individuals who suffer from chronic pain, and those whose limited movement is affecting their ability to experience life the way they want to. She helps clients improve their health through functional/real-life training, conscious approaches to nutrition, prioritizing rest/sleep, valuing community, and caring for their mental well-being. Emily takes an evidence-based approach to coaching while recognizing and incorporating the complexities and unpredictability of day-to-day life, to every individual’s unique situation.

Emily's ongoing journey to heal chronic pain has led her to explore many modalities from martial arts, to cold therapy, and to even barefoot approaches to foot health. She believes in fostering a culture of curiosity, learning, and openness to new ideas to help her clients reach their full health potential.

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